Hi! I'm Fish Siew. I've had a love for the elderly for as long as I can remember. Grateful that I grew up in a loving family and my parents used to share stories about their younger days during long journey car trips. I loved this kind of bonding and I was always fascinated to hear them! My parents loved talking about their favourite memories of their parents too.

I created Quiet Life Project as a way to be a listening ear for this generation and to share their incredible stories that deserve to be heard. It's been such a rewarding experience for me!

As an introvert who loves bonding with people, I had always felt connected through listening. Every soul has a wonderful story to tell, just some are unheard of, some are forgotten and rarely recorded down. 

When I’m not hanging out with my elderly friends, you’ll find me spending time with my loved ones, reading, out in the nature and also some swimming lessons. (Yes, I teach swimming too) 

Thank you for being here and supporting Quiet Life!

- Fish 


"I want young people to know there’s time now to have conversations with the elders in your life. Because the more you understand their stories, journeys, pains and hurts you get to understand who they are in a full sense."

Michelle Obama